What makes people shy? And how can one overcome?

September 11, 2007 2:22pm CST
Just curious, some people are extraordinarily frank and open while some others are shy and reserved. How do you think these traits are developed in a being? Just wondering..
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@LouieWpHs04 (4556)
• United States
13 Sep 07
There are many number of factors that come into play to determine why someone is shy, or super outgoing. First of all, it's in our genes. Some are born that way, and they cant really help it & others are born generally outgoing to begin with. For some they will be like that all their life, for others it's their social environment & just their environment in general. Next, it's the whole how much comfort you get as a child, how you're treated in school & other places & how someone pays attention to you. What I mean when I say, "How someone pays attention to you.", we all have our own little ways of how we went someone to pay attention to us maybe we want them to just say the casual hello or maybe you want to get into an hour discussion with them about muffins, depending on which in particular they choose, and which in particular you prefer could mean the difference of how shy or open you'll become as I feel the more appealing the topic is to the person the more open they shall be & if they're exposed to that kind of appealing topic everyday then the more open they will be. I see myself personally sometimes going around and being super shy around a particular reason and I cant quite fathom why but then I go and think about it and really it's the whole, I dont really know them. I mean, as some of my close friends i've known all of my life know.. i'm defintely not shy & as long as i'm around them, i'm never shy. Even after you put alll that into your mind, i'm sure there are fifty other things that come into play. It's just too many variables to calculate. Your best bet though is to probably find at least one person you are comftorable with & go from that one, and then make it two, then try for more and more and more, until you're comftorable with just about everyone!
13 Sep 07
hi Louie First, I would like to thank you for your time and effort for writing a detailed explanation on how some people are more shy than others; for this reason i have marked this response as my best response. I was a very shy person back in my school days, and even in the early college years. Then I started teaching as my career in Grade3,4, which gradually helped me overcome my shyness and build up confidence. Teaching requires lots of interaction-with the kids, with the administration and with the mature parents. Having to deal with different kinds of people slowly made me an extrovert from an introvert. Had i not joined teaching, i would not be what i am today. I had the view that external environment makes a difference for being reserved or outspoken; you added that even genes play a role in the determination of a person's nature, this is something new for me. I would like to find some details on how genes affect the ability of a person to come forward and be outspoken. I agree that peer groups, schooling and the home environment play a vital role in making up a person shy or outspoken.
@thefuture (1749)
• Nigeria
18 Sep 07
Hi lokrajgiri (26)! There are reasons why some people are being shy. One of which could be nature, the environment they were brought up, what they are exposed to, etc. Some people's shyness is at times is their nature and some because of what they are expose to. Thanks and have a great day ahead.
• Pakistan
11 Sep 07
Well..in many cases,it does relate a lot to one's company or social interactivity.Sometimes,a person is just neglected say for example,in a school,etc. and that person becomes a little bit cut out from the others and thus loses self-confidence...thus resulting in shyness.