Do you think Joy is turning into an instigator for the sake of ratings?

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September 11, 2007 2:47pm CST
If watch the show daily like i do you might notice that Joy has really taken over Rosie's spot in that she is very aggressive. I have also noticed Whoopi several times now jumping into to peacemake when she feels things are about to roll out of control. You can't avoid the fact that these two women, Joy and Elizabeth do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. At least most of the time she will accept to disagree. I think Joy is trying to keep the arguing alive by maybe once in a while play devil's advocate, sometimes even attempting to goad the others into a argument. Today it was the war, a popular one, and a little of religion. What's it going to be tomorrow?
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11 Sep 07
Is it Joy becoming more aggressive? Or is it Elizabeth just trying to make the show about her view. I think Joy always saw opposite Elizabeth. It seems to me that everyone is trying to stay clear of the war debate because of how heated it gets. I don't watch much of the view anymore because of Elizabeth. If someone does not agree with her, there seems to be a big arguement. The show is called THE View, not Elizabeth's View.
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12 Sep 07
I agree it is not her show or anyone else's except maybe Barbara. I just think that she is coming on aggresive to make up for the loss of Rosie. She seems though to even try to tangle with Whoopi now.