vandalism almost turned man-slaughter

@idreams (117)
September 11, 2007 6:07pm CST
Someone's been vandalising my church lately, throwing potatoes (don't ask me why) at our windows. The other day, one of the ladies was listening to Sunday service with her baby in the pram next to her, where she always placed it, just under the window. A friend came along and suggested moving the baby a bit because it was really sunny that day. The moment she moved the baby, a potatoe came flew in the shattered the glass window, the broken glass landing where the baby was a moment ago. Some people might think vandalising is a harmless little prank, but it isn't. They might think it's ok to have something as minor as vandalism against them in police record, which may not even be all that likely since they don't believe they'll get caught. But I don't think they'd want the life of a baby against their conscience. I really hope that this story spreads and people think twice on what they might think harmless vandalising.
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