Do you like to watch the program America's Next Top Model??

i love to watch ANTM!!! - I love to watch this program,is great!!
@maferick (1582)
September 11, 2007 9:15pm CST
What do you think about Tyra and the others?What do you think about the program? I like all of then,and the show is great!I never lose it!!!
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• Malaysia
12 Sep 07
I love to watch America's Next Top Model! It's an interesting show, I love to see their photoshoots and when they're shooting for a commercial. I try not to miss it whenever it's on, but sometimes there are some episodes that I don't get to watch.
• Singapore
12 Sep 07
I enjoy watching ANTM. Some contestants are gorgeous and I would like to see them in that show.
@maybebaby (1231)
• Canada
12 Sep 07
I love this show. It's kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. I like all the panelists. Miss Jay is my favorite. I can't wait for the new season to start next week.
• Malaysia
12 Sep 07
I adore Tyra Banks very much. She is beautiful, sensitive, loving, caring, full of spirit and energetic. She is charming and makes everybody around her happy. She has leader characteristic, as well as the quality of a true friend. She is ambitious and hardworking. In fact, there are so many positive attributes about her that make me adore her even more. I like her program, the America's Next Top Model very much. I like to watch how the participants interact with each other, and how they handle stress and still act like a professionals. I like also to see the way they gossip about each other, which later sometimes ended in quarrel among themselves. In short, it is all about the ordinary lives of a future model that I am watching. It is entertaining and yet gives a lot of information about survival in the real life. I try to watch it every week too. The program is like an addiction to me now. Lol. If I missed it for one week, I feel as if something is missing in myself. Lol. Well, that's me. Have a nice day, maferick!