Living In Paradise

Labuan - Labuan Waterways
September 11, 2007 10:08pm CST
Ever wish that you are living in a place that is surrounded by sea and is so small that you could literrary drive from one coast to the other in less than an hour? The place is so nice that it is surrounded by turquoise water and white sands and it is possible for you to go fishing anywhere from the beach and get a decent feed of fish. Well I am living in such a place called Labuan in Malaysia. But unfortunately, although I am living in a so called paradise (well to some of us anyway), I can't go fishing as often as I wanted to. I am busy chasing the material possession. Currently I am doing my MBa program in the local university parttime. Driving to the university would take me on a road along the beaches all the way from my house to the university. Every Saturday during my drive to class I would see anglers along the beach fishing. Wish I could go fishing man.
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