How often you remove clutter from your house

September 11, 2007 11:12pm CST
As per chinese fengshui keeping old articles or clutter in house will accumulate negative energy. One has to remove clutter very often. how often you removeclutter from your house.
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• Malaysia
12 Sep 07
I remove clutter every time I do cleaning up. I am a very organized person and I like my things in the house to be in order. If not, I will feel uncomfortable and feel like living in a rat's hole. Lol. When there are things which I think does not give any good to be kept, I will put it outside in the trolley. Later I will ask my husband to take it to the dump site and either dump them there or burn them. I believe living in a clutter free house is healthy and we can live more calmly and peaceful. I can't clutter, Lol.
12 Sep 07
As a wise man once said " Be a king or slave but until ones life is not clutter free he is no one". An organized, clean moral person must be clutter free to be sucessful. Please note "He who is a man of rules and respect will not allow the presence of clutter". If you keep the clutter away in the first place you wont have to remove it. However somehow clutter does accumilate and must be cleaned right away once spoted.