I tried making pizza but I am not getting proper taste

September 12, 2007 12:03am CST
I am pizza lover recently, when my children asked me to make pizzas in home then i stareted preparing and I got pizza base and topping and cooked in mcro wave but I am not getting tase like the one in Pizza hut.any tips for improvement please?
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@wiccania (3360)
• United States
13 Sep 07
What kind of pizza base? A pre-made crust? Honestly, most of those are awful. The one made by pilsbury tastes like biscuits, for example. Next time search online for pizza dough recipes. It's pretty easy to make. YOu don't have to "toss" it, just knead it as much as the recipe calls for and spread it out to cover the pan you're using. If you use tomato sauce, top with a thin layer tomato sauce that's been seasoned with garlic, basil and oregano at the very least. I also like to add rosemary myself. Add any cheese and toppings that you want and bake it. The meats should be pre-cooked with as much fat as possible drained off. Always always ALWAYS cook it in the oven, not the microwave. The oven will crisp the crust and allow it to rise. You're never going to make pizza hut pan pizza at home. They have a special dough and a special pan that's oiled. You could try oiling your pizza pan, but it won't be the same.
@SViswan (12065)
• India
13 Sep 07
I think it must be the tomato sauce that you use. Try the Maggie's Pizza sauce. It has some herbs too and gives it the same taste as that of Pizza Hut. But it's not going to be exactly like the one there. The base that you get to buy is very different. But it's a lot more healthier and tastes good too.
• Malta
12 Sep 07
Hi Well probably pizza is one of the easiest meals to cook, but to make it really good, it's probably one of the hardest meals. You said you used a pizza base. First of all, the quality depends on the pizza base itself. I guess the best way for you to cook piza, is to make the base yourself using the natural ingredients. Unfortunately I can't tell you how this is made, but i'm sure that if you ask in other discussions, you'll get the answer. I'm sure however that Pizza Hut's base has some special sort of recipe. They even sprinkle oil on the base to make it crunchier. Some tips: This is how you should place your toppings: First spread the tomato sauce (dont put too much on), and don't put the tomato sauce on the crust. Second, spread the mozzarella over the sauce. You can buy mozzarella and grind it yourself in a cheese grinder. Third, add the toppings. If you're going to use mushrooms, make sure that they are not filled with water (so don't use frozen mushrooms). Mushrooms take in a lot of water, and what happens is that the pizza will be very wet when cooked. Top off the pizza with some oregano, and mabe a bit of pepper and oil. You could also sprinkle a bit more mozzarrella on top. Keep in mind that pizza hut also has ovens which are specifically made for cooking pizzas. Also, don't expect the mozzarella to become chewy like at Pizza hut. For this to happen, mozzarella has to be cooked at a certain temperature. Finally, one opinion...I come from the island of Malta in the mediterranean, which is very close to Sicily. Although I do like pizza hut, I would reccomend that you cook pizza in the traditional italian way. It is much more healthier. Hope i helped Joe
@Calais (10898)
• Australia
12 Sep 07
eeewww...Must be put in oven..NOT the microwave.... Cook meat first, you are basically just melting the cheese in the oven...