Which Kind of Mindless Eater Are you?

September 12, 2007 12:43am CST
Most people tend to munc more in certain situations. Jere's how to outsmart your particular binge pattern. 1. Desk-top Diner Stock the office ref with lots of yogurt and small cans of tuna (protein helps conquer a snack attack); chew gum; drink lots of water, turn off your computer; or pull over the car to eat 2. Meal Stuffer Use smaller plates and taller glasses; listen to mellow music; follow the half-plate rule ( fill up the plate with veggies, the other half with protein and starch) 3.Snack Grazer Think "back" ( put all the goodies in the back of the cupboard/fridge/freezer); only eat at a table; don't eat directly from the package; pre-cut veggies for snacking 4.Party Binger Don't show up starving; stay more than an arm's length away from all food tables; put only two items on your plate at any given time; arrive late so you can't eat much
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