The best C/C++ IDE

@layney (1053)
September 12, 2007 2:28am CST
Hello, I have some experience in Java programming but going to C/C++, I just studied them at university and never had a real world experience with them. What is the best IDE for them?
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• United States
17 Sep 07
Dude true coders don't need an ide. It is just not neccisary. Use a text editor and a compiler. That is all you need! Now if you know C++ that does not mean you do not need C. C is most definatly a good language to learn. C++ is not a simple "advanced" C! IF that were the case than C would be as obsolete as the A and B programming languages. C is actually better for portable low level applications than C++ is because it does not require OS specific libraries most of the time. So if you want your super cool key-stroke program to work on linux, mac, and windows then C can definatly be of use. If your interacting with the kernal or specific memory regions C would be hard to be portable as those things ARE OS specific quite often. As a programmer I say any new language you can put under your belt does nothing to hinder your coding skills. I learned a little just because it was there. I'm a linux fanboy so go do the math. Program in what you choose, when you choose, and how you choose. But really, and ide is a waste of space. You want to focus on the program your creating not the program used to create it. You will have a better understanding because there are many less shortcuts to take. Good luck and have fun, p99
• Canada
28 Nov 07
I have to agree with you deadlyp, real programmers use the command line and not guis. I also come from Linux, so that explains it a bit. All you need is a text editor that provides syntax highlighting (I cannot do without it) and a good compiler, for instance gcc.
@alamzaib (1287)
• Pakistan
23 Jan 08
If you search for c or c++ on search engine then you will have a plenty of websites for tutorial c and c++ but I suggest you to learn c++ because it is new version of c.
@ebtenorio (765)
• Philippines
13 Nov 07
You were asking for the best IDE right? For the the best until now is the Turbo C/C++ Editor From Borland. I got used to it I guess... But then, I think you could also use the Dev-C Editor. It makes things a lot more organized and indented. I also recommend Notepad++. Notepad++ could not run your program but you could also use this as an editor for almost all the leading programming languages. :D I hope I did serve you with my comment here, Layney.
• India
14 Sep 07
if you know C++ then you dont need to C as C++ is just like an advanced version of C.C++ is called C with i think you shud go in for C++