Question for Ex Smokers with Asthma

United States
September 12, 2007 11:16am CST
Did you breath easier when you were smoking than you do now that you have quit? I had asthma as a child, but it wasn't too bad. The people around me smoked, but it did not really bother me much. As a teenager my asthma was worse, and actually had me laid up for days at a time on ocassaion. Then I began smoking. You would think that this was a stupid move for a person with asthma, but it actually worked in my favor. I hardly ever had asthma attacks the whole time I smoked. For the first few years, I had maybe five or six asthma attacks a year, then, when my children were born, I was only having a couple of days of asthma problems a year. I smoked for about 16 years. I was even fine for a couple of years after I quit. Now I am having problems again. Has anyone else found this to be the case?
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