Can you light a fire at need?

September 12, 2007 12:30pm CST
Ok, imagine this. You have gone camping, or even on a picnic, and you want to boil water for a hot drink. You have no matches or lighter. Could you light a fire without any fuss using a variety of techniques? What's your favourite method for making a fire safely and without ridiculous efort?
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@alamode (3071)
• United States
12 Sep 07
I could do the sun/lens method because I always have 2 pairs of glasses with me (hopefully the sun is out!), but the bow/stick/cradle is the most reliable for wherever you are. The stick and groove is harder for me because I lack strength in my left hand, and that requires a lot of effort and speed. Now, if you happen to be a smoker....
19 Apr 11
if you had a general knowledge of flint knapping you could try lighting a far hitting 2 stones together, normally makes a dull reddish spark, but if lands in the perfect spot... or you could try other methods too, maybe a flint and striker, or maybe something to cause an un-natural fire like, gasoline, or a battery... fire can be easily made with the right amount of knowledge, it could save your life... or make you a very warm cup of joe, but the bow and drill method is the simplest and most effective way of lighting a fire. (by simple i mean, its easy to understand, its not easy lol)
@Kalyni2011 (3497)
• India
20 Apr 11
Yes i can light a fire very easily, infact our houses had fireplaces in the kitchen that used wood as fuel, we did not had gas then, no electrical heaters either we put wood scraps, some kerosene and light using a match stick then add wood pieces.. Thanks for sharing Happy posting, cheers. Namastey. Kalyani