September 12, 2007 1:50pm CST
Does anyone know the way to stay awake and night?i tend to munch and eat titbits to make me alert at i won't fall asleep..chocolates,biscuits,potato chips and so on...time is insufficient for i hv to reduce my sleep..How do u stay awake at night o even dawn?do share because taking in those stuff make me gt fatter and fatter...
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• Philippines
19 Oct 07
You can drink coffee if you want to stay awake for the whole night. Usually, if I have an overnight stay at work, I drink a cup of hot coffee. This coffee is very effective, as far as my experience is concerned. It will also make you active as well. Since exercising will probably disturb your roommates, then drinking a cup of hot coffee will the best solution to your problem. Have a nice day and God speed!
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@jillbeth (2710)
• United States
12 Sep 07
Exercise will wake you up and make you more alert. And it will not make you fat like all those munchies! But it is important to get enough sleep so your health won't suffer for it; then you won't get anything done!
• Malaysia
12 Sep 07
i know it's bad to sleep late..but some how,i couldnt finish what i am supposed to i have to do it at night time..exercise?i am staying in hostel now..doing exercise at night will disturb my roommate..and the weather is too cold to exercise outside..anyway...thkz for sharing