The Dream Of My Friend

September 12, 2007 5:13pm CST
My friend have a kind of dream and he wrote on his blog and here it is his dream. If i have much money, i will make the free-multimedia weblog portal. What is multimedia blog portal? Yes, it’s just like wordpress but the users don’t need to write anything (if they likes to share their idea or anything they want to say. The only thing they need is to record (can be audio or video - like in youtube) their their idea or anything they want to say and upload them to their blog. The visitors? They only need to klik the tags or the title of the opinions/ideas they want to listen or watch. And if they want to make a comment just klik the comments button and record their comments (can be audio or video) and upload, finish! But.. I think for indonesian it’s just a dream for now, as having conncetion to the net is very expensive especially for home user! Speedy (yet another telkom product)? Still too expensive! So, how long we can wait? Only heaven knows ? But I’m sure that someone over there has thought the same thing as what I just have thought. Maybe Youtube and Google will make it true! We hope so… So what do you think about my friend's dream, would you like to share your opinion about it..?
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