The Unforgettable Fire

@joshua_w (501)
September 13, 2007 2:53am CST
Never did like half of the topics i posted. Anyway, my favorite subject again. The music of u2 remains one of my best companion. In particular their earlier works. One word to describe their music: transcendent. On this particular album, the sound was like a vast landscape with subjects exploring human condition like desolation, hope, freedom and drugs. Many people said this is not one of their better albums. Of course it is not. This is one of their finest. Much more satisfying than the hugely popular follow-up, "The Joshua Tree", although the latter would be their best album in most people's eyes. While "The Joshua Tree" was much more "Americanised" in its sound, with certain songs rooted in R&B and soul, "Unforgettable Fire" is more experimental in both its sound and themes. The recording could be considered lo-fi by today's standard. But the raw emotion in the songs are heartfelt. They never reach those heights again after "The Joshua Tree" and to a certain extent on "Achtung Baby". Drums pattern were mesmerizing, especially on "A Sort of Homecoming" and the title track. With emphasis on the drums and bass, and a fervent vocals, most critics said the guitar suffers on this album; tone down. Not really. They're like flashes in the sky. The lightning before the thunder. And we're always captivated by those flashes. The sound of the album as a whole? Atmospheric and moody because of the inclusion of some subtle synth sound. Imagine a cross-country drive through seemingly deserted landscape. Alone. That just about sums it up then.
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