How Would You Define Love?

United States
September 13, 2007 8:50am CST
I don't mean like in a general since, like what most people would say. I mean what does it mean to you? I find that so many people have different ideas about love and more times than none the word love is too overly used until it get get "watered down". I'd like to know what people think about this and what it means to them, I'll be sharing my view on this soon.
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@khazeemee (288)
• Philippines
14 Sep 07
love is faith, it's not selfish and ready to sacrifice. God is love.. that's all for me..
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@MGjhaud (21997)
• Philippines
28 Oct 07
What a common question but still it took me few minutes to ponder how I would define it really… hehe. Well, love taught me how to let go easily. No turning back. So to define love in one sentence (my own definition) is that: love will teach you how to let go. That’s tough thing to do but if someone I love is not happy with me, my love would make him happy by setting him free. That’s one way of proving my love for that person.
@phayeth (519)
• Philippines
13 Sep 07
for me love is magic that two people feel for each other.. it can just one snap of ur fingers or right there and then ur in love. every people say.. love is blind, but love is not blind but the person who feels it.. co'z they can only see the beautiful things.. of a person.. never even think the bad side..
@oaks281 (84)
• United States
14 Sep 07
If I had to define Love I would have to say that it is your souls recognition of it's counter point in another.
• Philippines
14 Sep 07
Love is not simply giving; it is judicious giving and judicious withholding as well." Meaning, when we give to someone who love, we must do so in a thinking and wise manner. In the same way, when we love, we must also be able to withhold in a well thought out manner. You might think that clashes with the idea of unconditional love. It doesn't. When a child wants his candies just before meals, you might withhold them from him even as you love him. In fact, if you love him, you will do so in order for him to have a helathy eating habits. The woman who loves her man who is courting her might show displeasure and even threaten to leave him when she learns that he had an affair with another woman. She loves him, but now isn't the time to be lovey-dovey with him. It is time to show your teeth and send him a clear warning. It is all a question of balance. A question of when to give and when to hold back. Not everyone is wise in doing so. SOme of us keep giving mindlessly when we should hold back. Like the mother who spoils her child and lets him get away with unacceptable behavior. She gives and gives to the point where she damages the child. That may be love, but it is misguided and destructive love, which isn't love.