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@kyle930 (763)
United States
September 13, 2007 10:03pm CST
Did anyone see tonights presidential address? I dont understand how President Bush can continue to tell the country that the troop surge will work and that we shouldnt back down even after reports are released that show we arent meeting the expectations we set for ourselves. He did announce a small reduction in the number of troops but he also said that we will be in Iraq for a long time to come. What are your opinions on this?
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@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
14 Sep 07
I just responded in another thread about general petreaous's report. The report wasnt about the political proccess, every one kmows what a mess that is. It was acknowlaged in both the speach and in the hearings. Do you know exactly what the surge entailed? I'll lay it out, its actualy a pretty senable plan desigend to work from the ground up rather than wrestle with the federal issues from the top down, that is after all how this country started out too isnt it? Its just a natural course of events. Anyway, hsers the basis of the strategy so far: It involves all the extra troups from the surge, being based In the comunities rather than the bases, these guys are assigne to specific small Iraqi squads and police patrol groups. the cammanders of these groups both iraqi and coolition also meet regularly with the local leaders of the various towns they are stationed in and bsae their tactics on what these leaders tell them. The groups also work in the communities with the populous, talking with them, getting to know them as one gets toi know the local cop that walks a beat in your neighborhood in your town regularly. These groups become part of the community and it has resulted in enormous levels of trust and cooperation. the locals now feel safer about comming forward with information and are beginning to trust their leaders more than the militias they depended on. Ultiamtely if you have a stabel town and provincial government, this eventualy works its way to the federal level as more and more genuinely interested people in local politics work their way up the ladder to the provincial and federal governments. The removal of saddam was guaranteed to be a cake walk and it was. REBUILDING IRAQ and helping them establish a government is a whole other matter. These things take a long time, think about what they are tring to do. They are building their country from scratch. Yes we caused a lot of problems when we went in and didnt come up with enough of a stategy or enough troups to deal with an insurgency or the explosion of al quieada there. But were there now.
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• United States
17 Sep 07
He is giving the run around like always. There has not been any victory since the war started. He needs to give up on his Power trip its almost over anyways even though I dont want to wait another year b4 hes gone. He needs to be gone now. I dont trust anything that comes out of his mouth ever. He said one time that god talks through him, lol. duh duh duh thats what he sounds like to me and if thats god talking through him then I fell sorry for all the christains out there. He has passed 800+ laws since being in office. He has a guideline stating that if there is protesters in a room that he is about to enter then they should be removed and if they cant be removed than they need to yell USA, USA, USA over them. I'm sorry if i were president then I would bring protesters in with open arms b/c thats what a presidnet is supposed to do. he is supposed to be here for us not for himself. A police officer told me that the consitution was written for the president to protect us from the states and now it is reversed the states have to protect us from the presidnet. messed up huh. Vote for someone that wants to restore the consitution to its rightful place visit my myspace page at impeach bush and chaney at Lets stand and take back our country from a money, and power hungry presidnet.
• Canada
16 Sep 07
Oh my goodness! Is he still pushing his war? I didn't see the presidential address, but I'm suprised that he's still trying to continue this. I think it's all about his ego and reputation at this point. If he doesn't meet the expectations he set, then his war is a failure. Just think of all those people he's sacrified for his cause. I was never on board with this war. I was very glad when our government stood up to the US and told them that we would not join the war. They didn't let the US government and George Bush bully us into doing something that our nation did not want or agree with. Wasn't the whole point of the war to find weapons of mass destruction? Wasn't this concluded ages ago that there were no weapons of mass destruction? Bush was just using that as an excuse to go to war and finish what his dad started. Why does this war need to continue? I've read from multiple sources that the US presence is doing more damage than good in areas where they are trying to re-build, and re-establish their own government. I'm sorry that so many people have lost their lives over this.