do you feel rebellious when you are given a lot of work?

September 14, 2007 4:19am CST
I feel this way. I get tired by just looking at the things needed to be done that's why I can't finish them because i'm stress even for looking at it. how about you?
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@sephrenia (567)
14 Sep 07
I know what you mean! I hate being dumped on when I'm already running at full tilt. I just developed my own little system of dealing with it. Say I had a ton of work already, when someone came and gave me more, I would refuse to look at it unless it was absolutely vital and put it in my draw until I had gotten the rest of the work done. Only then would I take the other work out of my draw and work on that. I worked on the principle that I would rather be slightly slower in getting to something and know I had done a good job, than rush through everything and know I had only done half a job. maybe you could do something like that?
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14 Sep 07
yes but my problem is i won't work on it or I get lazy by just looking at the things that I have to do.
14 Sep 07
ahhh so its the motivation thats the problem rather than the work itself. Again that solution i posted before will work. If you dont look at so much work you wont feel like you cant be bothered with it. Just put it out of sight if possible and try to think to yourself 'If I do that bit then thats one less problem ive got to deal with' and then just get another piece out and do the same. or you could challenege yourself like say its 9am, challenge yourself to deal with three pieces of work before 10am and so on and so on and i bet you find you've done a ton without realising.