Was getting a College Education worth it?

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September 14, 2007 7:55am CST
I was having a discussion with a friend of mine and she told me she regrets spending all that time in school for a college education. She states that it got her more in to debt and her salary didn't increase that much. I am currently attending college. I honestly love school. I love being kept busy, learning new things and know that in the future it will pay off. To me I feel getting an education is very important. Its just how you use your degree that determines how successful you will be in it. I like reaching high goals, and eventually want to start my 2nd business but become very successful. I am not expecting to be a millionaire (if it happens well good), but just to be able to have the independence of managing and not having one manage me and being able to spend more time with family once it is up and running. Though there are many successful people who didn't get an advance education and are famous and rich, so is the well worth it. Do you not need an education and can always still be successful? Are they the fortunate few to make it? Is the time spent in College Education worth it? What's your opinion?
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@kitty1234 (1476)
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14 Sep 07
A college degree is definately worth it. You have to be careful to study in a field that is useful! I am now finished with school and have completed another degree just this May. My degrees have helped me get the position I want with the room for advancement! Keep up the good work!