September 14, 2007 11:08am CST
my student life is full of boredom.... college..assignments...classes...even friends cant make me feel comfortable at the moment.... plz suggest a way out!! i want a break.. want to get refreshed!!!
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• India
14 Sep 07
Why don't you do something that you know wil relax you. Get a book if you are the reading type. Listen to music if you are a music buff. Visit places if you want a tour. Watch TV if it helps you take your mind off things. Goto a Spa for a massage, that should really cheer you up. Visit amusement parks or a play/drama in your area with someone who does appreciate that. Whatever you do, don't cut off with your friends. Do everything with them if just for the sake of companionship and you will find them comfortable. And yes, if these already are on your itenerary, then go bungee jumping, that should really break the monotony. Cheers!!! P.S. I personally prefer teaching and looking after kids when i want a break, Coz they're so unpredictable and do get my mind off other things.
• India
15 Sep 07
thank u very much.... u really suggested a few nice ways to refresh oneself!!!
• India
16 Sep 07
You are always welcome dear
@maximax8 (29582)
• United Kingdom
14 Sep 07
I am sorry that you are not enjoying your student days. Perhaps a weekend away or a short holiday would refresh you. It need not cost very much. It would be relaxing, interesting and enjoyable. Do you miss your family or your old friends if you have moved to a different area than your home? I think you are bored with your assignments but after a break you might feel more able to do them. Good luck.