How many pennies?

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September 14, 2007 3:18pm CST
How many pennies did you save last year alone? My husband has his own business, cleaning and detailing cars, very successful business if I don't say so myself. He stays very busy and has to hire someone from time to time to keep up. He does repo's from two very well know banks in town and has a lot of cars that come from auctions to go back to the car lot to sell. Also, he has regular customers that come the same time every week. And as we all know the cars from the auction or repo's are nasty. So he finds a lot of things in these particular cars even golf clubs. Business men that bring these particular vehicles just want them clean and ready to re-sell, just get everything out of them, well all the pennies that he collected last year was $127.00 worth of copper (some anyway) just by cleaning out the vacum cleaner, under seats, in consoles, or just laying on the floor. Some very undesirable things as well, chicken, milk baby bottles anyway. I couldn't believe how many pennies that where accumulated last year. I am on my third (3rd) bottle again. And I was thinking of making christmas presents for the grandkids. Each bottle contains a little over $25.00 twenty five dollars and they are under 10 ten years of age. And I was thinking that would be a good gift for them (if I painted the half gallon bottles) and decorated them. Anyway how much change did you accumulate at one time?
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@blackbriar (9080)
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8 Oct 07
Wow! That alot of pennies in a year. I just cashed my change tin in 2wks ago and it came out to $35 in nickels, dimes, pennies. The quarters I put seperate for whenever I need to go to the laundromat to dry my clothes. I did have $100 in quarters at one point when I didn't need the laundromat for couple months.
@ctrymuziklvr (11057)
• United States
14 Sep 07
I also have a large jar that I throw all change into. I have no idea how much is in it because it's all mixed up and I do take quarters out when I need them. One day I'll take them to the coin machine and see what I have.