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United States
September 14, 2007 3:49pm CST
I am wondering if anyone can tell me about real (legit) work from home careers. I'm not asking about get rich quick schems, I'm not expecting to make thousands of dollars a month. I'm simply wondering how to find a decent work from home job. Preferably something that can be done in my free time as I am pregnant with my first and not sure it would work to try to make steady hours right away. I know these jobs exist, I just don't know how to find them.
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• Philippines
15 Sep 07
hi jen! I'm a mom too and been looking for a homebased jobs that is suited for me. I hope I can have a job by now to help my family also. Hope we can both find a job. =)
@chumm525 (169)
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
hi there i have read yourcomment in jen you can try CCI (Call center International) it is a homebased call center. write into the referral code (K8437C). you can work in a call center at home. you can YM me @ to explain it more
@chaptermm (732)
• United States
15 Sep 07
not very easy and there is many ways can reach your wishes.i think and i dont know what is the best
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@Terese (158)
• United States
31 Mar 08
Hi jenlorenz You can find real legit work at I believe you can make a career out of the positions also. You apply directly to companies who hire people to work from home. I think this will help. Best to you~ Teri K (id:au8tkat) "Working from home thanks to"
@chrislotz (8200)
• Canada
1 Dec 07
I am reading this discussion 3 months after you posted it. I'm assuming for the number of posts you have done (5) you are not active anymore in mylot. But since I want to increase my number I am responding to you. I don't know of any ldgit sites and I ahve been looking for work for the last year. Everywhere I turn they want money from me to work for them. Obviously these are scams and you won't make any money from them.
• Kuwait
3 Nov 07
congratulations on pregnancy,,, Then secondly you find one which can help you to ease boredom in your stay at home and earn extra bucks too, you can explore and writting and photography if you own a digicam, then post it here and add story or description on every post you can... actually i been here one year already.. just doing it for my free time.
• Philippines
18 Sep 07
Been trying to find legit work at home career. Recently as I was opening my yahoo messenger, a friend of mine leave me an offline message regarding her new career. I was so amazed when she gave me a proof of her checks delivered to her. I tried this one already and I'm starting to earn. If you are interested,send me a personal message or add me as a friend as I can discuss with you further. Hope I can help you earn in the future.
@TerryZ (22082)
• United States
15 Sep 07
Hi jenlorenz! I wish it was that easy but unfortunatly its not. They are scams out there. Dont waste your time like I did. Its not worth it. Stay with mylot and just earn some spending money here. Its even got alot harder at mylot to earn too. If you can make payout each month thats great. I use to all the time now Im lucky if I make it every two months. So good luck with your pregnancy and keep us posted. And welcome to mylot.
@sherry24 (252)
14 Sep 07
Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy, I have been there 3 times. I have been looking for the ideal home job myself, but have not managed to come across one yet. I am looking for some text chat operators to work for though, I am not brave enough to do live chat and I have 2 children not in school so do not think it appropriate any way. There are a lot of scams out there and there are also a lot of opportunities that are available, but you are right in saying they are hard to find. For the most part, people offer you "get rich quick" schemes, which in MHO takes longer than reaching payout on here. I will say though do not for one minute be tempted into thinking you need to spend money to make money. You are looking for a job, if you went for a regular job you would not have to pay them before you start so why should the net be any different?