tgwb-I think it appears as organized crime in government. Montgomery County PA

United States
September 14, 2007 8:16pm CST
Thegreatwhitebuffalo had an ordeal in Montgomery County, PA. I'm surprised in that they actually spent precious court time on such a matter. I think it is interesting that he could loose and appeal about disordery conduct in Montgomery County,PA Court, since I couldn't get the Montomery County DA to accept a charge from me concerning attempted homicide, assault, indecent assault, to me after I was attacked while I was working as a waitress in a diner in Hatfield, PA (Montgomery County). The DA screamed at me "WE AREN'T TAKING A COMPLAINT FROM YOU. WE AREN'T TAKING IT!!" He did say more than that, but that makes no difference. Sometimes I think that if I were a man, they would have accepted the charge against the men of the Diner, including the owner of the diner. But, now it appears to me that they prefer organized as opposed to disorder...organized crime? I now refer to the county as Mobgomery County, PA. And the culprits are still running at large. I don't know who could find that to be a comfort other than the violent criminals of Mobgomery County PA.
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