Would you still be friends with your guy friend?

September 14, 2007 9:20pm CST
Would you still be friends with your guy friend after he has hurt your girl friend? I have this guy friend who says hurtful words to my girl friend.
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@williamjisir (22901)
• China
3 Dec 07
Hello erucajoyce. If there were such a thing happening, I would like to ask my friend why he did so. Anything must have some reason for it. It would be hard to say that the fault is just on one side. Investigation is the best policy before we make any decision. I hope that you are on my side. Thanks for your discussion and thank you very much for responding to my discussion. Have a good day and happy posting.
• Philippines
4 Dec 07
Yes, I do agree with you. We have to investigate first before we can judge who is right or wrong.
@laurika (4536)
• United States
15 Sep 07
I would probably ask him what was the reason to say all those words and if he really mean.If he did i would ask for some explantion.I like my best friends and cannot imagine my life without them.Also find a girlfriend is not so hard , but find reall friends could be sometimes really hard.I would definitely talk to him and see what's up.
• Philippines
15 Sep 07
Good point. I would do that. Thanks for your response.