My Favorite Subject Is?........

September 14, 2007 9:54pm CST
I'm not a smart as some other student but I'm more thn average... Will you share us Your Favorite Subject in School Days?
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• Canada
1 Feb 08
My favorite subject was english with a close second to math. The only reason english won out over math was becasue as i got older i became to get descourage by people who were scarily good at it. As for english it was just such and easy course and really a time to relax while still being taken relativly serisously.
9 Jan 08
I love biology and chemistry - they are both fascinating subjects that allow you to understand how we and everything around us is constructed! Rick
• Philippines
18 Sep 07
Hi there, what's up? Well, when i was in High School, i kinda like Math and Physics, but then when i was in College, i do hate Math, Accounting, numbers Gggrrrrrr i hate it indeed! hehe I do love BREAK TIME! WHahahhahah Have a nice day ahead and happy posting and earning here in MyLOt and Godspeed! Kiko
@djmarion (4900)
• Philippines
15 Sep 07
i love english and any communication subject, i also excel in human resource.