What's your purpose here on EARTH?

September 15, 2007 2:35am CST
sometimes i think i'm lost in this world, its unexplainable for me everytme.. who am I in this planet.. can you share us to me, who are and what is our purpose?
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• Philippines
17 Sep 07
Hi there, what's been up to lately? Well i think God created every human to experience everything in this World. To experience how to be happy, to be sad, to cry, to suffer, to beg, to work so hard, to love, to fight and many more things. And so, i think God created us to live in this Earth and learn for every lesson that life could offer. To share things with other people, to know what's your purpose in life actually, to make other people happy, to spread the word God, to spread the thing called Love and many more. Actually, we do have a lot of purpose in life. It's only up to us how can we take it and use it. Have a nice day ahead from Kiko and happy posting and earning here in mylot and Godspeed!
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• Canada
17 Sep 07
Hi again Kiko... Just read your response after adding mine. Nice to know we have similar beliefs about our purpose here. Always great to connect with like-minded others..it makes the world feel like a warm, gentle place. Bright blessings, Raia
• Canada
17 Sep 07
I think it is unrealistic to think that anyone 'knows' for sure...but I can tell you what my views are and why they work for me. I believe that we are first and foremost spiritual beings going through human experiences...and that everything and everyone has an energy-based interconnectednes. With that as a framework it is my understanding that we are born into these realsm to grow our souls by participating in human experienes. There is a cause and effect to everything we think and do and part of how we become more spiritually mature is to accept that reality. Free choice requires responsibility...once we are able broaden our perspective and realize that what we say, think and do has an impact on everyone around us we pause and go hmmmmmm...really? However, this view is also immensely liberating...because when we become accountable for the choices we make it places the course our lives will take upon US. We may not have control ovr what happens to us...but we can ALWAYS choose HOW we respond to it. So if one is truly concerned about the purpose of life being to grow our souls and continually see the OneSong of our humanity...we will hopefully begin to choose a life that is more loving, honoring, respectful and have it as a positive contribution for the highest and greatest good of the all...rather than living for 'me, me,me'...and playing the blame game. The greatest gift within life is to love and be loved...most religious/spiritual ideologies have that in common. Those teachings suggest that with enough love we could resolve all our human rights issues. Love leads us to more transpersonal view of ourselves and others. We lose the 'them against us' thinking. That allows us to experience one another without the prejudices, judgements and persection that narrow focused thinking leads to. So my friend, I do not know if any of this fits for you...but you asked and all these ideas are...simply my perspective. I have many similar concepts on my Blog Perspectives On Healthy Living if you want to read more. Your comments and feedback would be most welcome. Also there are other topics on spiritulaity on the Perspectives site. My Blog address is: http://polh-perspectives:blogspot.com Wishing you many light filled blessings on your journey of discovery. Raia
@Pose123 (21661)
• Canada
15 Sep 07
Hi ernestman, You have asked an age old question, one which the greatest philosophers have pondered, and to which few have found a satisfactory answer. It is good to ask such questions, because it shows that you are thinking. I'm afraid however, that it's a question which you will have to answer for yourself. We must never take the answer of another, without first making it our own. Be sure of one thing only, we all have a purpose. Blessings.