Favorite naruto character

September 15, 2007 10:14am CST
What is your favorite naruto character? My favourite is rock lee. Even he nows only taijutsu he is pretty strong! I would like to gear your opinion on the matter. Naruto is better than Bleach!
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@kylina (178)
15 Sep 07
I love Hinata and second is Naruto himself (because he never gives up and belongs to hinata!!! Naruto fangirls get your paws off of him!!). Her shyness is really cute and the way she almost always faints/blush/stutters around naruto is sooo sweeet!!! I love that even if she's the heir to the hyuuga clan (The clan of the Arrogant, stick up their butts idiots!!![no offense to Hinata]) Hinata isn't like them and still cares for her family and stuff and even made her own technique!! Hinata PWNS!!
• Portugal
15 Sep 07
I dont think naruto is gonna marry hinata! Sorry but i think naruto likes too much of Sakura. You say he never gives up then he never gonna to stop trying to catch sakura attention! Have a good weekend. I also think naruto and hinata would be a perfect couple.
@Filipezl (51)
• Brazil
26 Nov 07
I like very much of the Kakashi sensei, Uzumaki naruto, Gaara of the desert, and Hinata
@osuchin (95)
• Philippines
2 Oct 07
I want the main character - Uzamaki Naruto...His the best!
@Bardock (105)
• Norway
17 Sep 07
Well.. I have been watching Naruto for almost a year now (japanese versions) And I have to say that my first favorite character was Kiba, but since so many of my closest friends said I was almost like Kakashi's twin or something, both in lazy expressions(how face looks, I think maybe the fact that I'm wearing a buff when it's cold helped strengthening that theory) and in behavior. So then I just had to make Kakashi my favorite.
@secretbear (19463)
• Philippines
17 Sep 07
my favorite naruto characters would be neji, temari, hinata, gaara, and of course, naruto! ^__^ sorry! I can't choose only one. LOL and can I just say the character I hate most? I mean, characters, with an S. it would be sasuke and sakura.
@alansmile (284)
• Malaysia
15 Sep 07
Well, I like Sasuke. He is so cool,even cooler than the cold air. XD It's a bit sad,because i didn't saw him for many episode already. Never mind,i also like Naruto himself too. He is kinda funny by the way. Gladly he got improve in the new season of Naruto (Naruto Shippuuden).