What role will robots play in the future?

@megumiart (3777)
United States
September 15, 2007 12:42pm CST
Do you think they'll cause a career shortage or something? Or will they help people with daily tasks? What do you think?
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@lizeri (533)
• Philippines
25 Oct 07
It depends... Sometimes, they can be helpful for some simple mechanical tasks like transporting things from one end to another, folding papers, etc. to save time But if they will do almost everything that humans can do, then it will lose people's job. Robots can just assist but not to teach humans to be lazy and idle.
@rsa101 (31658)
• Philippines
19 Oct 07
Although I see robots can make our lives better but then i do believe that it could be counter productive since many manual labourers would definitely be outdated by these technology. Unless our generation will be shifted to be more intellectual since I think it is where the trend is going in the information tech age.
@prazad (281)
• India
9 Oct 07
yes robots will play an important role in the future. Mostly in the exploration of oil and gas. moreover robots will be used for the space exploration. In japan and korea now a days small robots are used to play with kids.
• Lebanon
3 Oct 07
umm.... i think in 10 years, robots will begin to spread in the whole world as our helpers they will help us in problems, house stuff and everything but i think in 50 years, when robots are all around the world, they will dominate the earth or something thy will create evil robots ... u can have a little idea of it in the movie i,robot ::::will smith
• India
22 Sep 07
war machines like in matrix hehehe
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
19 Sep 07
Hopefully we don't have a situation like Second Renaissance(Matrix/Animatrix) or Cyberdyne(Terminator). If you haven't watched Second Renaissance its actually free for download on the Matrix site. It provides an interesting take on robots in a futuristic society. I kind of have trouble with robots as slaves, but then again I might be overthinking this what if.
@beckish (643)
• United States
15 Sep 07
Personally I would love to have a robot around to clean the house. It wouldn't take a job away from anyone because I am not fortunate enough to have a hired housekeeper; but it would give me more free time, something I seriously lack.