Have you had your yard landscapped?

United States
September 15, 2007 2:57pm CST
I was wondering about how much it costs to have your yard landscaped. My poor back will not let me pull weeds much anymore. So I was just curious as to if you have had your yard landscapped and about how much it costs? Please post your experiences. I wouldn't want anything elaborate. Just right in front of my house. Thanks for your input.
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@coolseeds (3921)
• United States
14 Mar 08
Are you looking for landscaping installation or maintenance? If you want someone to pull weeds and do not want to spend a fortune have a local kid do it. The weeds will probably grow back just like if you hired a landscaping company. But it will not cost you as much. I own a landscaping company. If you called us out of the phone book to do something it would cost $75 per hour for 3 people. If you wanted just me it would be $35. If you wanted me to drop off an employee unsupervised that would cost $20 per hour. Then there are also state taxes added onto that. So it would actually be $21.20 per hour. $20 per hour might seem like a lot but it isn't. Right off the bat that $20 is cut down to $13.40 after the federal government gets their 30%. That leaves enough to pay an employee $9.50 per hour and I don't make anything. Therefore my rates will be raising this year. If you wanted landscaping design that would vary on the project. My work will raise your property value NO LESS than 15% which is more than the other companies will raise it. And I do keep that in consideration. Also I want more money to carry 87 pound blocks all day. LOL If you want someone to do yard work it might be possible to put up a flyer in your local convenience store.
@applsofgld (2506)
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16 Sep 07
No, but I would LOVE to have it done professionally. I have a step sister that is just a natural with this kind of thing and she told me that it really wasn't all that exspensive to do it yourself. I would find someone who has a private nursery to buy plants from, they will be healthier and less exspensive to buy. I would buy some things that will stay green year round and some that flower. Monkey grass or other ornamental grasses are also nice. You can also go to a nursery or to a garden center like Home Depot or Lowe's and talk to them about what plants are good to landscape with. Also if you buy young plants they will be cheaper. Good luck, I also hope you get some great responses from other mylot friends.