varrok achievement diary.

September 16, 2007 2:19am CST
hi all, i just asically want to get a count of those here that have done some of the diary or ALL of the diary for varrok. i completed my last 6 things yesterday, and i must admit that i found it much more fun than i thought it would be. when the karamja one came out, i thought YAY something good to do, and i was right! it really helps me that i have done all the quests in runescape, as alot of the diary tasks have something to do with quests. BUT when we did the gaurenteed content poll for the next achievement diary and it came out as varrok, i was disappointed, i felt like alot of people were choosing varrok on the basis that it would be an easy area to do in comparison to ardougne (just think, they may have added in the elven area to that one, and yes i choose ardougne in the poll). as with the karamja diary, i completed all the easy and hard tasks before the medium ones (lol), but some of them were actually quite hard to do, which makes it worth me doing. plus the rewards at the end are definately worth it (the exp is the best reward for me), the armour is ok i guess and i will see if it helps me any, but as i am not really into mining and smithing, i can't really see that i will use it much. the only real complaint i have about the armour it'self is that it doesn't look like the karamja gloves, and i was hoping that all the armour from these diaries would match to make a great set. as i mentioned before, i have finished ALL of the diary, but it took me a few days (just replanting my bush took me 1 days wait for it to regrow) how about everyone else? have you finished the easy, medium or all parts to it?
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@uath13 (8192)
• United States
19 Sep 07
I've done it all, Maybe they'll make a cape & boots that match the gloves so it'll all match up.
20 Sep 07
i think you actually got it all done before i did lol, but i really wasn't too fussed by it all, so i took my time with some of them (like finishing my slayer task so i could get a new one from vanakka). it would be nice if they add more diaries and add more to the armour "set", but i was hoping it would all match, and yeah eventually if they run out of armour pieces to do with the diaries, then they will probably make capes and boots. i am also wondering if they are going to be bringing out a diary "achievement" cape (like the quest, cooking, fletching capes ect...) when they have brought out say 6-7 of these diaries.
@uath13 (8192)
• United States
20 Sep 07
I waited till my last assignment was done too. There's no way I'm giving up iron dragons as an assignment. Hopeing for some matching legs from somewhere like Ardounge soon.
@060157 (1059)
• Pakistan
16 Sep 07 what are achievement diaries??? :D is this something new in the members world? if it is.. well so many new things to look forward to in the member world...been over a year since my last membership lol
@mattchua (229)
• Changi, Singapore
16 Sep 07
have done all quest n diary in rs except that varrock new diary, will be doing it next year as i have quir p2p for the time being.