Tupac Lyrics

@ebusaf (329)
United States
September 17, 2007 12:09pm CST
Hey to all my Tupac Fans, have you ever really listened to Tupac's Lyrics. I mean really sat down and listened to what he had to say. There was a message in every son. Only God Can Judge Me, hes speaking on not letting what other people say bother him, cause only God can Judge him...What about Wonder Why they Call You..... Well you know which song I'm speaking of. That was a message to young ladies to stop acting a certain way, and nobody would call you out your name. What a remarkable rapper. We need more rappers like him. I can go down the list of the messages in his songs. Whats your favorite.
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@cdcale (89)
• Singapore
18 Sep 07
If you listen to his lyrics in many of his songs, there is almost always some pretty deep message in the songs. he was a very special person, not just another thug, as many people see him.
• Romania
26 Sep 07
what makes tupac so special is the power of his lyrics wihtin any of us can find ourselves at least once in life.. i studied close all his discography and i can say there's a song to touch me real deep for every move i make.. his work is the most complex.. i can find proper quotes for whatever goes on around me all the time...
@rasweb (11)
• Algeria
1 Oct 07
thank you for all that