Internet Error

@ebusaf (329)
United States
September 17, 2007 12:15pm CST
My internet keeps freezing and getting errors. This is very frustrating because I'm doing my mylot marathon, minding my own business, and then all of a sudden my internet looses conection or freezes and then I lose my post. I did a scan, and nothing shows up. I don't what the deal is, any computer geeks out there?
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@beaniegdi (1966)
17 Sep 07
Do you run adware and spyware removal programs as this could be part of the problem. You can find loads to help you here: Also going into Internet Options in your browser and deleting cookies, temporary files and history can help as can defragmenting your computer, go through programs and accesories then system tools. I hope that helps as it is a complete pain when the computer plays up.