who is more sinful rich or poor...........consider this situation

September 18, 2007 3:37am CST
a poor man kidnap a a son of a rich man and ask for ransom,he do this because his only child have cancer, and is about to die if theres no medicine,the money is intended for the medicine...on the other side the rich man who is always involve with the illegal activity kidnap a rich student and ask for ransom, the ransom for that student is for the capital of their illegal drug business........who is more sinful the poor man or the rich one...
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@mistissa (1350)
• Netherlands
18 Sep 07
I think you know the answer yourself, of course the rich man is more sinfull. Because he is wanting ransom for a bad purpose, and the poor man just wants to help his son. I am sure that everyone will agree with me on that, don't you think so?