Do you consider yourself a shopping addict?

September 18, 2007 6:44am CST
When you're out of home do you feel the absolute necessity of buying something? Do you often buy things that in reality you don't need? Your wardrobe is full of clothes that you probably will never use?
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@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
27 Nov 07
I cannot afford to be a shopping addict, but the idea rather appeals to me. I would like to have enough money so I would not have to worry about whether I will make enough, but since I live in a small house, where would I put everything? As for clothes, I have to shop at specialty shops and they have a limited selection and besides, they are not all the colors I like.
@dew431 (152)
• India
1 Nov 07
yeah i am shopping addict ,but there is one thing for sure i,usually wear whatever i took to my home as ,i wanna spent on small and nice things,and dont wanna waste my money.
• Malaysia
24 Sep 07
yeah. My wardrobe is full of clothes that I don't wear, rarely wear or have only worn them once or a couple of times. I should stop buying anymore clothes! And yeah, I do buy things that I don't need. Things that I already have, which are more than enough, yet i keep on buying. ugh. it's hard to resist the temptation to shop! when i don't shop, i'm itching to buy something. now i'm trying to control, don't want to spend unnecessarily so much. gotta start saving before i go really broke lol. wish me luck! ;)
@laurika (4536)
• United States
20 Sep 07
I have some things in my closet what I have never wear, but I cannot say i am aadicted to a shopping.I liek shoppign but it doesn't mean all the time when I left home I have to buy something.I like window shopping where you don't spend a cent.
@dopey22girl (3324)
• United States
19 Sep 07
I used to be a lot worse than I am now, so I have gotten much better! I do like to shop when I am depressed though, and that is not necessarily a good thing! I don't think I am an addict anymore, but I definitely used to be. Now it is very important for me to save money, because someday I wish to have a big house.
@wotfpatty (2066)
• United States
19 Sep 07
Yep, ridiculously so. I buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and skin care mostly but anything will do. I have more stuff than I could ever use so I end up giving a lot of things to my sisters who just wait for me to clean out my closets or my cosmetics and pass the good stuff on. I am TRYING to stop but every once in a while, I go on a binge shopping spree and wreck my record. I really believe I NEED that thing at the time. When it comes, I am like, wow, I have a lot of the same stuff. Or, why did I even want this? lol. It's a disease, really!
@Nardz13 (5056)
• New Zealand
18 Sep 07
Hi there. No I dont consider myself to be a shopping adict/shoppaholic, as I only go shopping if we need too, or when our children need things, then thats when i will go shopping...
• Hong Kong
18 Sep 07
yes I am definitely and I can't deny it. I sure buy more than I need and I have many items that I will never finish my my lifetime *laughs*. I am lesser of an addict now because I need to live frugally for awhile, but I am sure I will get back to a shopping addict when I can afford it again *smiles*. It's totally in my blood.
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
18 Sep 07
Yes I think I am a shopping addict, but I think everyone is entitled to have one addiction and I think it is the best one to have, its not all that bad for your health.
@kitty1234 (1476)
• United States
18 Sep 07
UNfortunately for me I am a shopping addict! I often buy more clothes than I will ever wear but I continue to buy! The good thing is I donate any unwanted clothes to the Goodwill or salvation army, some still have their tags lol. I guess this is my way of expressing myself through buying clothes and things I really don't need, but am able to buy!