my primary school

@hassanah (387)
September 18, 2007 7:25am CST
When i was kid, i has a teacher name Mrs.Gan.She is a very fierce teacher.Many student scared to her.She like to hit we all.Do you have a teacher like her?(im sorry if my english language very broken,im not good in english)
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• Philippines
26 Sep 07
hahaha me too,im not good in english too ,sometimes i write it in wrong gramat and wrong speling hehehhe...but i think ist ok at leas we try hehehe...anyway yes i had teacher before that i never forget,my grade one teacher she always yelled and i never forget that she hit me coz of not writing in my book,,and made me scared her and made me absent and the worse its made truoble between my teacher and my parent.....
@secretbear (19460)
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
when I was in kindergarten, all of my teachers were nice and friendly so I didn't had any problems on learning and o going to school. however, during my first year in the elementary, I experienced being hurt by my teacher which happened to be my godmother too. it was a terrible experience and even if I have forgotten about it, it will still be stuck into my head as long as I can remembermy gradeschool days. ^.^
@haiffa (35)
• Malaysia
22 Sep 07
I have teacher like her too.He always punish us without check it true or false.What crazy teacher he is?
• China
20 Sep 07
hehe in fact my teacher is very kind to us,sometime she will warn us something but she never take us down a peg so we love her so much and now we have to leave her now because of the living,but we will keep her in our mind forever
@ssh123 (31086)
• India
18 Sep 07
Yes, i too had a teacher who used to take a cane and used to give bashing whenever we make mistakes particularly in mathematics, tables. Luckily it was only one year she stayed and she was transferred. I never got lateron anu such teachers. Nowadays, the government hasbrought in legislation that children should not be given punishment at school, like scolidng, making them stand on one leg, stand up on the bench. If a child telephones police station, the offenders are booked and a case will be filed.