how would you react if someone was racist to you?

September 18, 2007 8:08am CST
I have never been racist and i have never had anyone racist to me but i have to make a discussion so this is the only thing i could think of. so plenty of my freinds have been bullied because of there background. it gets me angry at times and i try to avoid all racist people as much as possible. so what would you do if you were picked on because of your bakround?
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@SuperKad (18)
19 Sep 07
I've never really been a victim of racism, nor have I commited an act of racism. I only have one prejudice, black guys in gangs with hoods etc, you probably get the idea of the type of people. I'm not racist towards them, I just feel uncomfortable around them since I had to go to court and things over a black guy mugging me on the street. It was traumatic, so no wonder I feel this way now. Still though, I am not racist. I have plenty of black and asian friends. ^_^
19 Sep 07
Eeek, I kinda missed the point of the discussion. xD Stupid not having the ability to edit posts, ne? If someone started being racist towards me verbally, I would ignore the fool, but if it started becoming more than that, I'd have to keep quite away from the person.
19 Sep 07
indeed you are right. i've never been bullied cause of my backround (am i not the lucky one? :D) hehe anywayz i feel high but i'm not... hmmm... yeah so i stay away from those weirdo's who like to stick in gangs with those ugly hoods on. yeah, there weird. ummm... ALL I WANT IS TO TRY AND UNDERSTAND THE MINDS OF THESE RACIST PEOPLE! see you on msn! :D
@zabawaus (1732)
• United States
18 Sep 07
There are racists all around the world. The thing i can suggest you is just try to stay away of these kind of people. Because for me, racism is something opposite of humanism. And if these people are against humanism you don't even need to speak with them. They can not think reasonable . But always suggest you to learn world history. If you know about history you will probably have lots of things to say to these racists. Have a great day!!!!
18 Sep 07
Hey thanks for the comment and i have to say you have amazing advice p.s. i did History for my GCSE's :D so i already know some stuff! :)