who do you consider more interesting-the protagonists or the antagonists?

September 18, 2007 3:03pm CST
hello mylotters, are you all interested in mythology?if you believe in it then you must be watching the movies or television shows related to it.even i do watch them.they are infact a lot interesting.not only that very knowledgeable also.but who do you find more interesting in mythology.is it the protagonists or the antagonists?i think i will go with antagonists as they have got various shades to the character where protagonists always win. what do you think about this?
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• United States
25 Dec 10
I find the protagonists more interesting. Stories follow the protagonists so you can see their struggles and how they either overcome their obstacles or falter and lose to them.
@dbhattji (2506)
• India
26 Sep 07
I like mythology and I do not watch it just as a story but try to see the philosophical meaning behind each story - that is what mythology is all about - to teach us the way of life by means of stories - and if this is so then who will be your hero - it is up to you to decide.