When is a good time to go on maternity leave?

@lenapoo (678)
United States
September 18, 2007 5:26pm CST
I am just asking because I am pregnant and I plan on working up to the week before my due date. I had discussed the situation with my boss and let her know that I wasn't going to be able to come to work for at least three months and she reacted as though I was severely insane or something. I mean is this way too long to take time out of work? I mean the average time is the six weeks that you need in order to completely heal. For me the rest of the time is going to be for me to spend time with my new baby and to try and get some much needed relaxation while I am catered to my husband. Ladies and Fellas tell me what you think. Is this too long to take from work? How long did you wait before you went back to work?
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• Philippines
23 Sep 07
Hi there, what's been up to lately buddy? Well, i am not going to be pregnant so i really don't know. lol But i wanna share what my mom did before when she was pregnant to our youngest brother. She took a maternity leave for about 2months i think, and then she came back to work after that. And while she's working, we are taking care of our new born brother that time. And now, we always tease our younger brother that we are the one who's changing his diapers before. lol And he's 9years old now and very naughty as in naughty! LOL Have a nice day ahead and happy posting and earning here in myLot. Godspeed, Kiko