Religion vs Culture: Which Influences Which?

September 19, 2007 5:42am CST
I've been wondering about religion and culture. Which influences which? Does religion influences culture in some ways? Does culture also influences religion in some ways? Or do the two of them influence each other?
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@sephrenia (567)
19 Sep 07
This is a pretty good question actually. I think that they both influence each other rather than one just influencing the other. In some cultures, religion plays a huge part of daily life and that in turn is represented by culture such as art and music and what have you. In other societies, culture can dominate the religion so that while we may have tons of art and music, religion plays a parallel to it so it isnt forgotten. I think at the moment every culture is undergoing change thanks to the breakthroughs in technology like the internet and mass media and so on and im interested in seeing how it all works out
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• Finland
19 Sep 07
THANKS for your reply, Sephrenia! I also think that they both influence each other, but I just can't seem to find an actual example of this. Maybe it's hard to find an actual example since they've been influencing each other for a long, long time, eh? Yeah, you're right about that every culture is undergoing change. Interesting!
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