Has anyone seen this poem?

September 19, 2007 9:37am CST
I've been searching for this poem for a couple of months and I'm appealing to anyone here because I've exhausted all resources searching on my own so here goes... I'm looking for a poem that was circulated as an email forward and it's subject is about an unemployed guy who wakes up to the sound of his imported alarm, goes to the kitchen and pours a coffee out of his imported coffee maker .... the poem goes on like this for a bit. Then the guy drives his imported vehicle to the unemployment agency where he looks for a job but none are available.... and it ends with something about there are no jobs because of the imports It used to be on a union website but they took it down so if anyone knows the poem I'm referring to and happens to have a copy, please let me know or post it as a response. Thanks :)
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