For your, which is the best anime history that you saw?

September 19, 2007 9:50am CST
For me the best history is in "Elfen Lied", form the best anime too. give your opinion about anime history.
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@Pompon (1758)
• Poland
19 Sep 07
"Neon Genesis Evangelion", that was on hell of a story. It moves me even now that I've watched t so many times. There are so many subplots in the story it's amazing. And I like the endings, both of it. Personally i wasn't dissapointed in TV ending at all. But you have to be very open to this series if you want truely understad it.
• Brazil
19 Sep 07
A friend tell me about N.G.E.. and he says that the final episode is the best.
@Cognition (195)
• Norway
19 Sep 07
The best anime film I've seen was Ninja Scroll. I've seen a lot of the classics, like Akira and Ghost in the Shell. I was quite young at the time and didn't really get into it, but Ninja Scroll I found captivating the first time I saw it! The animation is decent, but I think the story has more suspense and drive to it than a lot of other anime films.
• Brazil
19 Sep 07
I've never saw Ninja Scroll, but some friends tell me that's filled with blood, that's cool.. hehe, I will try to see it.
@secretbear (19463)
• Philippines
27 Jan 08
hi xirthum! ^__^ i can't really choose among all the animes i have watched because i've watched too many and loved a lot of them. ^__^ but i guess, i would choose the one which made me a complete anime fan. it was Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon which i have watched when i was still in high school and i got so hooked with it that i started watching other animes too. of course, there was Voltes V and Daimos already but they didn't make me eager to watch other animes because i thought they were cartoons from the west. ^__^;; So Sailormoon made me wanted to watch other animes that are certainly from Japan, not dubbed in English and westernized but dubbed in our local language. i was becoming an anime fan more and more with every episode that i watch and i started collecting anime stuffs. i watched Yuyu Hakusho, Rekka no Honou, Dragonball, Magic Knight Rayearth among others, and even crayon shin chan! LOL i'm still loving animes and i just can't forget the root of it all, i just loved sailormoon so much that even if the series was finished a long time ago, i still watch some episodes every now and then. ^__^
• Japan
5 Oct 07
Whatever anime that related to Shinsegumi!!! I love Shinsegumi, so I like Rurouken, peacemaker kurogane, etc... I love manga that related to it too. Well, in manga, not every story was true, but at least there's something we can find out about them.