purpose of life

September 20, 2007 1:59am CST
why are we living? what purpose are we serving here? are we living the life as we want it? or is it that we are just swaying with the wind called life and going wherever it is taking us?
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@stella1989 (2274)
• India
20 Sep 07
For some people life just like a wind and we are just like dust in the wind.They don't care about their lifes they just belive in living and passing thir lifes!! Some belives that they are her on this earth to finish some job given to them by God!! They are very strong willed and loves their life. Some wants to make the best of their life!! they live their life to fullest!!And enjoy it!! No one knows why we are living!! what purpose we have. Its just have good living. Thats MY theory of life lead a good living and satisfied life!! I am living my life as I want it to some extent.
• India
26 Sep 07
i agree with ur theory 100% and thats the theory i follow in my life. but in last line you say "to some extent". so whats keeping you to make it to full extent?