Do you have experience that your parents don't like to your closed friend?

@sexylc (501)
United States
September 20, 2007 9:19am CST
How did you tell to your friend? or how did you explaine to your parents so you can still bring your friend to your home? we back when I was in high school I have a closed friend that my parents don't like her.And I have a hard time to invite my friends to go in our house because I don't to get imbarrassed might my parents say something about her.
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• Philippines
21 Sep 07
They say that parents knows best. Listen to their reason for not liking your friend. And then observe if they are correct. If they are, then find another friend who is good for you. If they are wrong, show them proof. Take care :)
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@mbrown81 (114)
• United States
21 Sep 07
For me, I don't have experience like that. Actually, i had only one closed friend that really goes to our house or even spend a night. Actually, my mom treat her as her own dauhgter too. Same as her mom treated me as one. So no problem at all.
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@wonderful1 (2075)
• China
21 Sep 07
when i was a high school student, then i had a girl friend, we were in the same class, but my mom didn't like her. i douldn't why my mom disliked her, and i thought she was a good girl. then i had a quarrel with my mom about her. now i feel very sorry to have a quarrel with my mom about such a bad girl. once when i had an exam in other school, then i went there with the girl. it was too early to get in the school, then we sat on the earth with some newspapers. then my mom came and bought two bottles of water to us. it was too hot, then i let my mom sat down, but my friend didn't move for my mom. i felt she was too impolite. i hate people who don't respect elders. then i began to dislike her. then she borrowed money from me without giving it back.
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