Windows Vista vs Windows Xp

September 20, 2007 9:55am CST
hi, Now,Microsoft has just released the new version of vista Sp1. From the previous vista version,there are many problem of bugs to be solve.Well many software in the market still has a few of their software is not comfortable with the Windows Vista system. For me Windows Xp is more stable than Windows Vista. I have an experience using the 4 version of Windows Vista which is Home Basic,Home Premium,Business and Ultimate. Windows Vista Business edition is better than the Ultimate version. You should need more on RAM for the Windows Vista Ultimate edition. It needs at least 2GB to 4GB for make it running faster. I recommended Windows Vista Business edition or the Home Premium for the Notebook user.Don't go to Vista Ultimate because it makes your Notebook system running slow. Now I have to switch back to Windows Xp. For me Xp stills the best operating system because it can run smoothly if you have only 512 MB of RAM and lot of software has comfortable with this operating system without any program clash than the vista version.So thumb to Windows Xp. So can anyone give a suggestion or the opinion of this two versions product from the Microsoft.
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@jakumax (38)
• Philippines
27 Sep 07
well when youre talking about operating system's stability, yes youre right but as technology evolve softwares will also be evolving...eventually vista will be improve due to technological evolotion the same thing with xp before you prefer to use win98 compare to xp because software runs faster on that OS. developer came up with improving the looks or graphics of this system but there are software available in the market that only windows vista can run those software...
14 Oct 07
I agree completely, when XP was a new OS a few years back, it had similar problems of compatability! and to be honest i am using XP on my desktop and vista on my laptop and my laptop shows much better performance! desktop-512mb ram (XP SP2) laptop-1.5gb ram (vista ultimate)