girl need your help.pleas help me as soon as you can!

@Angelinka (1410)
September 20, 2007 5:40pm CST
hello, i got one problem.I have to scan my documents and to send it to one site.but they said me that my documents are too small and they cant read anything.It happend already 5 times.they say to me to enlarge documents.But the thing is i dont know how to do it!I scan it and i make it bigger but then i open and its allways the same size(with microssofe picture manneger).i was trying to zoom it,i do,but when i am saving it and open again its allways the smae size.Pleas help the documents are very important,its all about my to make documents bigger and to save it?waiting for your hhonest answers.maybe you know any free programm to englarge it?help guys!!!thanx
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@zeloguy (4912)
• United States
20 Sep 07
There are many things that can affect this. 1. The scanner is scanning the document too small. Make sure the resolution is at least 96dpi and if you are scanning a document it should be 8½x11 inches. (the same size as the document). Scan the document, save it, ensure it is big enough. 2. The document is nice and big... now you need to e-mail. Some scanners actually have a scan and e-mail button right on them... if so use that and this discussion doesn't need to happen. If the document is large enough then open up your mail and create a new document. 3. Make sure the document size is not RESIZED when you send it... some mail programs (Outlook is what I use) will allow one to make the document size smaller (presuming it is a picture) so people with dial-up service and receive the file faster. Check those settings and you should be fine. To make the scan smaller in size but not in size on screen scan in greyscale if you don't need the color. Color will make the scan 3X larger.
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@Angelinka (1410)
• Italy
20 Sep 07
hello there thanx for your answer,i have to cheked up alòl the thing you said.and its still the scanner its 300dpi and format is a4 like it has to be.but when i open it its still written 30% and i cant save it 100% please help me i am going crazy for it...
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@Aussies2007 (5336)
• Australia
21 Sep 07
It must have something to do with the program you are using. Check the settings of the program. And the settings of the scanning program. Normally when you scan something... the picture is always much bigger than the original document. And if you print it... it revert to its original size to fit on a page. You must also use the setting "text enhanced" when scanning documents. It comes out much better.
@weiyi5151 (119)
• China
16 Apr 08
ok,no problem ,i can help you ...