About tolerance

September 20, 2007 8:39pm CST
I have been regarding tolerance is the quality of which humanbeings are most upposed to hold, sadly,i have to confess that my tolerance is in a much lower level,although i keep trying to improve it,which often make me feel guilty.I am good man in term of thinking about what i have been trying my best to do what i love to do toimprove myself except my lacking of as much golerance as i want. Perhaps you won't believe that i think og things about toleranc as often as i can,thingking how to improve myself,thinking how to set agood example to my daughter on that side,you know there is a piece of proverb"a god example is the best sermon".However,whatevere i did,i am confused about what i will come to be,i am never sure that there ate some certain ways which ican follow to reach my goal of above purpose. I often ask myself"because i am lack of religious belief?",but so many people who are faithful to God have done so horrible things.Because i have not tried effort the most to is thart i have a job to earn my life so that it's absolutely impssible for me to act like KongZi who didn't worry things of those kinds,in oee word,i am common man who have to spend most of his time to earn money to maintaince the disburse of my family.So taking account of that,i have done much to pursue tolerance. Am I unware of the importance of tolerance?Absolutely not.So why?Ioften contemplate why i behave that way?Is that humanbeing's nature?
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@lzqrain (53)
• China
21 Sep 07
Your have your reason for less tolerance,and I think this rely on people's disposition and living enviroment.There is no standard to judge it is wrong or right.Just try to give people a chance to correct their mistakes.
• China
21 Sep 07
thx for you word,i'll think it off.
@men82in (1270)
• India
21 Sep 07
I am an much tolerance talented person by my tolerance i have been forced or i have been warned even about my tolerance levels by my family members and my friends. I found nowadays everywhere in my indian country nobody is having patience and tolerance every time hurry in the sense who will have to wait and stand on the que for the things to go. I think this may due to more globalisation . Also i dont know some persons they are elders and much old also much hurry in shops and supermarkets for intolerance towards departing home. I dont know this phenomena which is fastly spreading in India. By broadly looking these intolerances something clash or great disaster might be happening in future it seems.
• China
21 Sep 07
Oh no,the comment,i just typed,has gone,i hate the poor ISP!I am sorry to hear that.Maybe the God will purify our atman.
@jeanniemay (1801)
• Philippines
28 Oct 07
Owwey! I'm not a tolerant person too. I just have to control it when it gets into my nerves. I don't have the monopoly of the good times, I allow myself not to get into trouble because today might not be the same as tomorrow. Just to get myself into composure, I value more a good name than getting pissed off by someone annoying. I just have to let it go.