do u trust xoom?

@eliezl (763)
September 21, 2007 1:54am CST
im so pissed at xoom. i was suppose to receive money from them from a friend who was kind enough to go through the hassles of this complicated transaction. and they have hold of my account and funds with the vaguest reason they could ever give to customers...damn them!
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• Turks And Caicos Islands
28 Jan 09
XOOM SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! THEY CANCEL MY TRANSFER TO PHILLIPINES WITHOUT MY CONSENT. AND THEY TOOK THE MONEY OUR OF MY EON ACCOUNT INCLUDING THE SERVICE CHARGE WITHOUT SENDING IT TO MY RECIPINET. DON'T USE XOOM. THEY WILL JUST RIP U OFF!!!! TRANSACTION #: X061899648673339 Jan 27, 2009 12:26:15 AM Xoom Processing Jan 27, 2009 12:28:27 AM Cancellation Started Jan 27, 2009 12:32:17 AM Cancellation in Progress Jan 27, 2009 12:35:26 AM Cancellation Complete
@eliezl (763)
• Philippines
16 Feb 09
oh should try calling them. there are contact numbers provided. and you should also call the recipient because they are also part of the transaction. who knows that the recipient probably have cancelled the transaction which explains your situation. try contacting them so ull know whats wrong and ull be able to sort it out.
• Philippines
8 May 09
I was Blacklisted on Xoom without giving me specific reasons. I received only template-like email customer service response for the nth time now. To see the complete issue on Xoom, pls visit my blog:
@milott (2646)
• India
2 Nov 07
Yes, i do trust xoom. I did a transaction with xoom and got the payment succesfully delivered without any hassles. Just check with them whether your issue is due to any other external factors than their mistakes. I doubt that xoom would do something to tamper their image, as they are credible company.
• Philippines
3 Nov 07
on the contrary. my singaporean boss does not trust them. i, for one, had all my transactions with them for "customer protection" crap that they choose not to specify. so what the heck is that about?! they just cancel randomly?!
@eliezl (763)
• Philippines
19 Nov 07
i guess it depends on the transaction maybe....but eitherway, after that incident, i became wary on using it again :( its just my style that one bad incident is enough, im not gonna repeat it hehehe =)
@pinkista (892)
• Philippines
16 Oct 08
Sorry to hear that about your transaction in Xoom...But for me, I trust Xoom. Because I have tried twice sending money with the payment service Paypal deposited to my bank account (Eon card) and it was SUCCESSFUL. I don't have any problems with them. In fact, it takes 1 day only to get my money credited to my bank account. I do like Paypal also but I think I'm liking the Xoom now since they have fast transaction....but the only problem is the service fee depending on the amount you will deposit/send. Btw, I am a Filipino.... I'm a verified user in Paypal.
@eliezl (763)
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
im a filipino as well.. anyway, all is well already. im still a xoom user. although i have a paypal account but i have a hard time withdrawing money since i dont have a union bank eon card. :( i have to ask help from my friends who have the card to have the money deposited in their account. i only have problems in xoom regarding the lenght of time being sent. its just takes long wait especially if the money is from abroad. :) and i get anxious and nervous as well whenever i use the service because of the long wait... :))