Do you like going to parties/disco?

party - kids having a party
September 21, 2007 5:53am CST
Most of the people I know enjoy attending parties or just going to a place that has a party or a disco bar. They like to dance and drink until dawn or until there head aches. But for me, I don't usually enjoy being in a party with a loud sound system and too much disco lights. I don't like a place that is too noisy. I'd rather be in a party with a good ambiance where you can catch up with your friends. Share your thoughts.
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@Lifeless (2635)
• India
9 Oct 07
Yeah me too... Even I don't like loud noises and lots of lights.. I prefer spending time with my frinds at some restaurant where there's sweet soothing music playing in the background.. I also prefer spending time at the malls, or watching movies with my friends, as they are the coolest places to hang out with ur friends at present...
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@ssh123 (31083)
• India
8 Oct 07
Our family size is quite big with children and grandchildren and great grand children for my parents, it would make more than 100 members and there is always a celebration on one occasionor the other in one house or the other. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals etc. So it is party time throughout the year, depending on each one's capacity, the party is celebrating with all colour and pagentry.
@Nardz13 (5056)
• New Zealand
21 Sep 07
Hi there. Back in my younger days, late teens, I loved going to crazy parties, and having a ball of a time, now days I dont miss anything about partying, and actually when I think back now, I think it was a waste of money and time... Yes Im more for the socialising around the home with family and a few close friends...
@katkat (2378)
• Philippines
21 Sep 07
I'm not a party person, I can't stand with so much people around me and the loud music. I'd been in a band contest. Although there are alot of people and loud music I enjoyed it because it is in open space unlike in a disco bar that you are in a big room with poor ventilation.
• Malaysia
21 Sep 07
hi, dhedows118..i like more go disco.. go there can listen the music.. and the music can make me more relax and high.. i like it.. and go drink at there.. i go disco with friends..