When you feel sad who his your 'crying shoulder' to rely upon?

@opinione (749)
September 21, 2007 8:38am CST
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• United States
21 Sep 07
I cry on my mothers shoulder and also my friends
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• United States
6 Jul 08
i cry on my hubbys shoulder. Also 1 or 2 friends i feel are real wnough to tell anything to. But i trust my man most.
@msedge (4012)
• United States
29 Jun 08
My husband has been very supportive of me ever since we didn't get married yet.He always have his shoulder to cry on for me.He always there to listen and help me whatever problem i have.
@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
21 Sep 07
Hello there. When i feel sad, i would cry along in my room on my bed, hugging my bolster. i do not cry in front of other people (including my family and friends). I do not wish for them to worry about me.
@tyc415 (5706)
• United States
21 Sep 07
I don't really have any one that I feel I can cry on their shoulder but I sure do wish I had someone. I just feel like I don't want to bring anyone else down with my problems. When I am sad though it seems like my youngest daughter and my grandson can really cheer me up. Too bad we don't live closer though so maybe I could stay happy for longer periods of time. My husband and son also make me happy to be round them also but I guess since I am with them every day it is different. When my mother was living she was my shoulder to cry on.
@diillu (5128)
21 Sep 07
For me it's my boyfriend. We are in relationship of 4 year long. And he has always been there for me. I'm a person who just gets kind of worried too much over a small problem. And he is always there for to solve my problem. He is always there for me to listen and whenever I feel like to cry he is always there to comfort me. I'm so glad that he is in my life.
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
21 Sep 07
I have a best friend,my good friend these days.he's Jason.He's my shoulder to cry on & I whine to him everytime!He makes it all better.I love him.