chocolate!! Who love chocolate?

Delicious Chocolate - Wow... So many chocolate. I wish i were there to eat it.
September 21, 2007 10:10am CST
I have always known that girls usually love sweet thing like chocolate. I personally love chocolate too. XD I love to eat sweet thing due to healthiness, so i didn't eat too much of chocolate anymore. Do you always buy chocolate or usually given as gift from someone? Why you love them so much?
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• Malaysia
21 Sep 07
aaahhhh!!! I'm sorry ALANSMILE, the chocolates now not user friendly to my sensitive teeth. Make me feeling jealous when seeing people who take that good chocolates. And if I take it, swallow it the chocolate will turn "CHOCTEETH" to me....damn!!!!biitch!!! outch!...outch!outch!!! :::michael:::
• Malaysia
22 Sep 07
Haha...It's sad that you can't eat chocolate anymore. Don't be jealous of other people that can have them, you still can eat my hometown's BBQ Fish (what that name already?). XD
• United States
21 Sep 07
...Chocolate! It's not just for breakfast anymore! ...Chocolate contains a chemical which makes us feel loved. Who wouldn't like that?! ...Peace be with you. =(^;^)= Della
• Malaysia
21 Sep 07
haha... You are right,i really do feel love when i eat chocolate.
• Philippines
18 Jan 08
I think all of us love chocolate, chocolate is energy booster for me. And make my day happy.