Mylot is hackable?? Please see this and let me know your comments..I am shocked!

United States
September 21, 2007 11:00am CST The headlines on this youtube video clip reads: "mylot hack hacking cheat. earn cash! 100$ in 1min" The video clip goes to show how this person ..whose name is also a member name on mylot is able to change moneys!! I wonder..could this be why so many discussions are disappearing. I am hoping mylot looks into this..if they havent already!! Makes you wonder..doesn't it?? SCARY!
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• Romania
21 Sep 07
Hey littlefranciscan. That video sucks. The website presented there don't exist. Also this video isn't clear, we can't see anything, maybe he log in into another account and show us that he has 100$, or he edited an image, or other trick. Anyhow, yes, myLot MIGHT be hacked also, I think almost every website can be hacked maybe, but this is really hard and you must know a lot of technichs to break into them...
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